EMN Webinars - 2015

Metabolomics: Only Suitable for Multidisciplinary Teams

Dr. Oscar Yanes, Department of Electronic Engineering, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain (January 29, 2015)

Large-Scale, Computational and Empirical UHPLC-MS-SPE-NMR Annotation of Plant Metabolomes

Dr. Lloyd W. Sumner, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Oklahoma, USA (March 5, 2015)

Metabolomics and Systems Biology: Models as Guide and Natural Integrator

Prof. Bas Teusink (April 14, 2015)

Metabolomics with High Resolution Mass Spectrometry: From Spectral Databases to Biomarker Discovery

Dr. Christophe Junot (June 12, 2015)

Metabolomics and Beyond: Challenges and Strategies for Next-gen Omic Analyses

Dr. Dmitry Grapov (September 15, 2015)