Important updates regarding the Society’s membership retention plan have been released, view the complete document below.

Membership to The Metabolomics Society Entitles You To:

    1. Networking and information exchange with an international membership of professionals devoted to furthering metabolomics related science: via conferences and workshops, the Society’s committees and scientific task groups, and social media including the Society’s Facebook page and X feed
    2. Receive information and electronic notices of metabolomics conferences, workshops and seminars through our newsletter
    3. Posting of job and event adverts on the Society’s website.
    4. Apply for funding for small metabolomics events and meetings
    5. Online access to conference workshops and webinars
    6. Access to research and training webinars/courses in metabolomics science
    7. Apply for Student Travel Awards
    8. Apply for Early Career Researcher Travel Awards
    9. Metabolomics Society Low and Middle-Income Country (LMIC) Travel Award
    10. Eligible to vote in Society elections and to stand for Officer** within the Society

**Not applicable for Student Members

Annual Membership Fees

Membership fees are modest and your membership will be active for a full year beginning the date you sign-up. The Society offers tiered pricing based on your country of residence to encourage additional membership possibilities. Click here to find your country.
1-Year Membership (USD)
Country GNI Full/ Postdoc Student Emeritus
High Income $105 $45 $50
Middle Income $75 $34 $38
Low Income $50 $23 $25

Student Member

Applicable to any student who is registered as being in full-time or part-time education, studying for either an undergraduate degree (i.e. BSc) or higher degree (i.e. MSc, PhD). Applicants must provide a letter from their supervisor (or equivalent) on university letterhead confirming their student status when they sign-up online.


Applicable to post-doctoral, academic, non-profit, government and industry scientists.

Emeritus Member

Applicable to a Member who reaches the age of 65 years and has maintained active membership for at least the preceding 5 years.

Sign Up for Membership

The membership form is quick and painless. We have a new membership system in place that will track your participation in the annual conference and streamline your experience!

If you are an existing member of the Society, check your e-mail for your renewal notice, do NOT use the link below. Contact us if you have questions about your membership status at

If you are a new member, welcome! Use the link below to sign-up:


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and we are committed to protecting your personal information. A list of subscribing members will be used for official publications of the Society (including MetaboNews, published by The Metabolomics Innovation Centre (TMIC)) but for no other purpose than fulfilling subscriptions and promoting the Society. Your personal information is not and will never be released or sold to any agency or third party.

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