Early-career Members Network

The Early-career Members Network of the Metabolomics Society
Travel Grant 2019: Award Scheme

The Early-career Members Network of the Metabolomics Society Travel Grant aims at providing support to Early-Career scientists* to attend and actively participate in national and international events related to the metabolomics field that will promote their professional development.

Eligible applicants must be:

  • A member of the Metabolomics Society; and
  • Within 5 years of obtaining their highest degree.

Up to 4 travel awards for (i) graduate students (master or PhD students) and (ii) post-doctoral researchers will cover travel and accommodation costs and conference fees up to $500. Applicants must be presenting their own metabolomics research and be willing to promote the Metabolomics Society at the event through the use of logos and acknowledgements. Applications will be reviewed by the Early-career Members Network Committee following a pre-established scoring system and the application deadline is February 28th 2019, 12 pm UTC. All entries must be received before the stated deadline in order to be considered. To apply please download the travel award application form. The application form will be accompanied by a short CV of the applicant (max. 2 pages), an abstract of the research project (max. 300 words), a letter of support from the supervisor and a letter of motivation (max. 1 page). By signing this form you agree to the terms and conditions. Send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include the following line in your email subject: “Application: EMN TRAVEL AWARD 2019”. All documents should be submitted in one single pdf file.

Winners will be notified by e-mail by May 2019 and announced on the Metabolomics Society website and in the MetaboNews. Travel awards will be valid through 12 months from the date of announcement. Selected abstract and conference reports will be published in the MetaboNews and/or on the Metabolomics Society website.

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*All members of the Metabolomics Society that are graduate students (Masters or PhD) or within 5-years post PhD while being in a training position (e.g. post-doc) are considered Early-Career scientists. In certain cases where someone if beyond the 5-year post-PhD limit, exceptions can be made if time off was taken for personal reasons (e.g. family, career break). Any persons with 5-years full-time work experience (or equivalent) after obtaining their PhD shall not be considered an Early Career scientist.


The network aims to provide a forum for metabolomics researchers at the start of their professional career and serve the early-career members of the Metabolomics Society. Aspirations include, but are not limited to: strengthen communication and collaboration, encourage opportunities and invention, support developmental learning and enjoy professional growth.


Establish a real sense of community and engagement between early-career researchers globally through leading initiative and enthused apparition.


Any early-career scientists, throughout the world, who are either currently conducting higher degrees (MSc, PhD etc.) or are within 5 years of completing such endeavours, and actively engaged in the field of metabolomics.

Some of the EMN programs:

EMN Webinar series: The EMN committee organizes monthly (live streamed) webinar sessions on metabolomics related topics, covering (i) back to basics, (ii) informal training, (iii) debating sessions and (iv) ad hoc session categories. Please find some of the EMN webinar series sessions online archived here.

EMN Travel Bursary Program: this outreach program is to provide support to early-career member scientists (including graduate students and post-docs) to attend national and international events, including the annual conference of the Metabolomics Society, related to the metabolomics field. This bursary program is aimed at the growing population of early-career scientists and encourages active participation in events that will promote the Metabolomics Society to a wider audience. Early-career scientists are invited to apply for a bursary ($500) towards the cost of travel and conference/event fees to national or international meetings related to metabolomics. The first competition will be held in late 2017. Watch this space for more information.

EMN Facebook page: The EMN Committee Facebook account is a flexible social platform to engage and communicate within the larger community of early career scientists (members and non-members of the Metabolomics Society). At this social platform you will find out who the EMN Committee members are, the EMN activities and programs, learn about the resources that the Metabolomics Society offers, network with early career scientists around the world, and learn about the new and exciting metabolomics research, tools and Society Forum. Please find and like the EMN Facebook page here.

Contact us

Please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can better serve the early-career members of the Metabolomics Society.