Our Mission

  • To promote the growth and development of the field of metabolomics internationally
  • To provide the opportunity for collaboration and association among the workers in that science and in related sciences and connections between academia, government and industry in the field of metabolomics
  • To provide opportunities for presentation of research achievements and creation of workshops, and
  • To promote the publication of meritorious research in the field.

Our Boards, Committees and Task Groups

    The Society is led and operated through the voluntary efforts of the member-elected Board of Directors. Directors serve for two years when elected, and may stand for a second 2-year term if they desire.

    • The Society has different Committees to execute specialized tasks: Conference, Training, Early Career Member Network, Membership, Nominations and Elections, Website and Communication, and Publications.
    • The Society has several Task Groups with a focused goal including: Data Quality, Data Standards, Metabolite Identification, Computational Mass Spectrometry, Model Organism Metabolomes, Precision Medicine and Pharmacometabolomics, International Affiliations, Industry Engagement and Society Strategy.

Our Membership & Affiliation Benefits

International Affiliates

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