Upcoming Events in Metabolomics

June 16
- 20, 2024
Osaka ATC Hall, Japan
October 07
- 09, 2024
School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham – Edgbaston, UK
October 14
- 16, 2024
School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham – Edgbaston, UK

Event Funding

Metabolomics Society Sponsorship For External Conferences

In keeping with its mission to promote the development of metabolomics science world-wide, the Society wishes to support national, regional and international scientific meetings, to develop a rich and vibrant metabolomics research community. In addition to the Society’s major annual meeting series, this initiative is intended to support conferences, workshops and training courses provided by third-party organisations. Sponsorship will be provided in the following two categories:

  1. Minor Sponsorship: Organisers of conferences, workshops or training courses that focus on metabolomics science may apply for sponsorship up to $500.
  2. International affiliates: International affiliates of the Metabolomics Society may apply for sponsorship to support national or regional events.

Application Guidelines For Minor Sponsorship:

  • Two minor conference awards of up to $500/conference will be made available per trimester (Oct-Jan, Feb-May, June-Sept) of each U.S. financial year.
  • One of the two awards/trimester will be prioritised for conferences in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, but can be awarded to an application from the rest of the world if no application from the priority regions was received during that trimester.
  • Funding is not available in consecutive years for a specific conference, but every other year is OK.
  • Applications from conferences that have not received previous minor conference support have priority over applications from previously funded conferences.
  • In order to obtain minor conference support for your event, please apply to conference_support@metabolomicssociety.org at least one trimester before the trimester in which your event is scheduled and describe:
    • The event and the major theme/topic(s)
    • Date, time(s) and location
    • Event website and expected programme or agenda
    • Target audience and the expected number of attendees
    • Amount of funds requested and how funds will be used
    • Contact details of event coordinator (and metabolomics society member if not the primary coordinator)
Conference date: Application Deadline:
1st October – 31st January 31st May
1st February–31st May 30th September (preceding year)
30th June–30th September 31st January

That means applications need to be received at least one trimester in advance, and decisions about conferences in a given trimester will be made at the beginning of the preceding trimester.


International Affiliates

The metabolomics society wishes to support the activities of our affiliated regional and national metabolomics communities. Affiliates may apply for financial support for events up to $1500 per annum subject to the following guidelines:

  • The event may take the form of a conference, symposium, workshop or training course.
  • Metabolomics should be central to the major theme of the event.
  • The event must be primarily organised by the international affiliate organisation (NOTE: events organised by third-parties may apply for support under the other sponsorship categories).
  • Registration for the event must be open to all members of the metabolomics community.
  • The intended use of funds should be described in the application. Travel awards or prizes for young scientists are encouraged by the society. Prize/award-winners should be current members of the Metabolomics Society.
  • The Society does not take responsibility for organisation of the event, selection of award-winners or endorse the scientific content presented at the event.
  • The Metabolomics Society should be acknowledged as a sponsor during the event (by announcement and/or signage), and the society website (www.metabolomicssociety.com) and logo should be displayed on the event website and programme.
  • Applications should be made by email to conference_support@metabolomicssociety.org describing the event, location, date, agenda/website and the expected number of registrants or attendees.