Michelle E. Reid

Institute of Molecular Systems Biology (Switzerland)

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In 2018, I received my PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Florida as a National Science Foundation-Graduate Research Fellow (NSF-GRFP). My PhD research pursued understanding whole-body exercise physiology and utilization of glucose in mice through lipidomics and metabolomics. Prior to my PhD, I obtained a BS in Biochemistry from Spelman College.

Currently during my postdoctoral training, I am affiliated with the ETH Strategic Focus Area for Personalized Health and Related Technology (SFA-PHRT) project at ETH Zürich in the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology. This initiative focuses on standardization, normalization, and harmonization of flow injection analysis-mass spectrometry (FIA-MS) for long-term biological studies. Independently, I obtained funding for a side project with a colleague to study bacteria subpopulation pathogenicity.