Caroline Birer

Université De Tours, France

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I received my Ph.D. in Natural Products and Molecular ecology from the University of French Guiana (FR) in April 2017. My interdisciplinary thesis under the supervision of Christophe Duplais and Lucie Zinger, Bacterial microbiota of the cuticle of ant species in French Guiana: antibiotic activities and community ecology, aimed at understanding factors shaping the composition of the bacterial microbiota of the cuticle of tropical ants and evaluating the potential for bacterial isolates from ants aimed at the discovery of new antibiotics. Beforehand, my educational background includes a Pharm. D. from Auvergne University (FR) with a focus on Natural Product Research and a Master’s degree in Research and Development in Synthesis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Natural Products from Paris Sud University (FR).

In 2017, I moved to the United States for a short period at The Natural History Museum of Chicago, invited by the research team of Corrie Moreau to pursue my Ph.D. research on ant cuticle microbiota, and then started my first post-doc position at the University of Pittsburgh (US) in 2018, in the Department of Biomedical Informatics, at the School of Medicine in the research team of Erik Wright. We have developped a 3D printed platform to decipher the chemical interactions of Streptomyces bacteria in the soil microbiome and to identify new microbial competition strategies. We have used direct-infusion mass spectrometry to acquire exometabolomics data in collaboration with Christopher Anderton of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland (US).

Since September 2020, I am an assistant professor in France, at the University of Tours and in the Biomolecules and Plant Biotechnology lab. The focus of my research is on deciphering Apocynaceae specialized metabolism pathways and regulation with metabolomics. I am teaching molecular biology, botany, and mycology to Pharmacy students.