Aifric O’Sullivan

 Aifric O'Sullivan

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UCD Institute of Food and Health,
School of Agriculture & Food Science,
S2.05 UCD Centre for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery, Belfield, Dublin 4

Dr Aifric O'Sullivan is a PI in the UCD Institute of Food and Health and member of faculty in the UCD School of Agriculture & Food Science.

Dr O'Sullivan's research interest is nutritional phenotyping: exploring variation in human metabolism and how individuals respond differently to different diets and lifestyles. She leads a nutritional metabolomics group in UCD focused on the application of metabolomics as a method to explore differential responses to diet, lifestyle and interventions. Her current work is focused on two key areas 1) maternal and infant health and nutrition and 2) personalised nutrition.

Publications in highly rated peer-reviewed journals arising from her research were amongst the first reported applications of personalised nutrition. She is PI on the UCD Twin Study exploring the genetic and environmental influences on food choice and metabolism. Her work in infant nutrition spans developed and developing countries with projects including the Healthy Start Study and AgriDiet with the aim to understand the impact of maternal and infant diet and lifestyle on growth, metabolism and health status during the first-1000-days of life.

She is a member of the Metabolomics Society, the Nutrition Society (UK) and the European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO). She is also an active member of the UCD Institute of Food and Health, the UCD Childhood and Human Development Research Centre and the UCD Centre for Paediatric Research. She is an Affiliate of the UCDavis Foods For health Institute and maintains active research links in Davis CA.