Emma Schymanski

emma schymanski

Dr. Emma Schymanski is a research scientist at Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology. Her research interests lie in the suspect and non-target screening of environmental contaminants, primarily with LC-HRMS/MS, but also GC-MS and applying structure generation to the identification of "unknowns". The contribution of mass spectra to open spectral libraries is an essential part of her work and she is an active member of the MassBank consortium, developing RMassBank in a team. She also works on optimizing compound database search strategies for candidate selection and how to communicate the confidence of high-throughput identification results, currently applying these in the SOLUTIONS EU project (http://www.solutions-project.eu/) for emerging and future contaminants. Together with Steffen Neumann she founded the CASMI contest for small molecule identification in 2012, now into the fourth round. She is an active member of the Metabolite Identification and Computational Mass Spectrometry Task Groups of the Metabolomics Society. Find out more on her Eawag website or Google Scholar.