Royston Goodacre

Roy Goodacre

Roy Goodacre is Professor of Biological Chemistry at the University of Manchester. His research interests are broadly within analytical biotechnology and systems and synthetic biology. He has over 20 years experience of advanced bioanalytical measurements including MS-based metabolomics and has pioneered the application of a variety of Raman spectroscopy methods for the direct analysis of bacteria and their products. His research group ( comprises ~25 researchers (1:2 PDRA:PhDs) and as PI and CoI he has a combined grant portfolio of >£15M from the UK and EU. He is founding director of a novel microbial resistance typing diagnostics company (Spectromics; He has published >350 scientific papers and if you believe in such metrics has healthy H-indices (58, WoK; 70, Google Scholar). He helped established the Metabolomics Society, is a director of the Metabolic Profiling Forum, is founding Editor-in-Chief of Metabolomics (established 2005) and on the Editorial Advisory Boards of four other journals. Finally, he was awarded the RSC Industrially-Sponsored Award in Bioanalytical Chemistry in 2005, made a Fellow of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy in 2015, and delighted to be made an Honorary Fellow of the Metabolomics Society in 2016.