Royston Goodacre

Roy Goodacre

University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Roy Goodacre is Professor of Biological Chemistry in the Department of Biochemistry and Systems Biology within the Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology (ISMIB) at the University of Liverpool and director of the Centre for Metabolomics Research. He is the Research and Impact lead for ISMIB and the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences representative on the University’s steering group addressing ‘Research in an Inclusive and Sustainable Environment’. He helped to develop and establish long-term metabolomics which allows fusion of GC-MS and LC-MS data. These approaches have been used by his team and collaborators to profile health populations and investigate the frailty phenotype during the ageing process. In parallel, in order to understand metabolic flux on a single cell level for bacterial community analysis, his group are currently developing high spatial resolution photothermal infrared and Raman-based imaging methods. Roy has mentored 29 PostDocs, and graduated 52 PhD and 9 Masters students. His group currently comprises 3 PDRAs, 1 Fellow and 5 PhD students. He has published a substantial number of primary papers and reviews in metabolomics ( ,and if you like such metrics, he has published >430 peer-reviewed research articles and has a H-index of 93.