Donald Robertson


Dr. Robertson received a BA in biology from The King’s College (NY) as well as a Master’s degree in Environmental Health Sciences and a Ph.D. in Toxicology from the University of Michigan. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology, serves on several editorial boards and is an ad hoc reviewer for numerous toxicology-oriented journals. His pharmaceutical career began at Parke-Davis which was later acquired by Pfizer where he had various roles in the Drug Safety Evaluation organization over the past 20 years.  His involvement in metabolomic technology began over 12 years ago eventually leading to his full time appointment as co-leader of the Metabolomics Evaluation Group at Pfizer. With the closure of Pfizer’s Ann Arbor facility, Don took the opportunity to relocate to Bristol-Myers Squibb in Princeton, NJ where he is a Research Fellow in Discovery Toxicology and co-leader of the Applied and Investigative Metabolomics Group. Don’s expertise in metabolomic technology has led to various appointments to both industrial and regulatory groups interested in utilizing and understanding this emerging technology. He was a charter-member of the COMET I and II metabolomics consortia and served as the chair of the biology committee within the Metabolomics Standardization Initiative. He has published and presented extensively on the topics of metabolomics and drug-induced toxicity and was senior editor of the volume entitled “Metabonomics in Toxicity Assessment”.