Ute Roessner


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Head of Analytics
Metabolomics Australia
School of Botany
University of Melbourne

Dr. Roessner has obtained her PhD in Plant Biochemistry at the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology in Germany, where she developed novel GC-MS based methods to analyse metabolites in plants. With the combination of small molecule analytics and sophisticated bioinformatics and statistics the field of metabolomics was born and is today an important tool in biological sciences, systems biology and biomarker discovery. In 2003 she moved to Australia where she established a GC-MS and LC-MS based metabolomics platform as part of the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (www.acpfg.com.au). Since 2007 Dr. Roessner has been involved in the setup of Metabolomics Australia (MA, www.metabolomics.com.au), an Australian Federal Government investment (National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy 5.1 Evolving Biomolecular Platforms) through Bioplatforms Australia Ltd (www.bioplatforms.com.au) and now leads the MA node at the School of Botany, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

I consider myself as one of the pioneers of metabolomics technology developments especially in the plant research / agricultural fields. My particular research interests always have been to use metabolomics as a tool to better understand plant physiology and improve crop quality. However, due to leading a national metabolomics service centre I also promote and apply metabolomics in other research areas such as biomedical, microbial, foods and environmental. I have expressed interest to join the board of the metabolomics society for a few years for multiple reasons. Most importantly to represent the Australian / New Zealand and Asian currently loosely connected as Australasian Metabolomics Network of which I function as the President. Secondly I believe my experiences in metabolomics applications as well as in a service setting can be of benefit for the society in contributing a different view. I am very enthusiastic to be involved in the society’s growth and promotion and decision making. The organisation of the last annual society meeting has hopefully proven my engagement and courage towards the society’s best in future.