Agneta Kiss

 Agnetta Kiss

I obtained an Engineer degree in Organic Fine Chemistry from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Rouen, France (2009). Driven by the multidisciplinary character of metabolomics, I started my PhD at Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France) with the ambitious aim of assessing the potential of metabolomics to the development of high and ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry screening tools for the doping control in sports.

Since 2012, I have been working as a Postdoctoral Researcher / Research Engineer at the Institute of Analytical Sciences (ISA, Lyon, France) within TRACES Team whose aim is to contribute to the understanding of environment and health interactions. My main research interest is the development of analytical strategies (screening, targeted and non-targeted analysis) for the qualitative and quantitative characterization of environmental and biological matrices in the context of endocrine disruptor's impact on environmental health and, more recently, the comprehensive assessment of the Exposome.

Becoming an Early-Career Network committee member offers me the necessary tools for supporting and promoting young scientists' work and an excellent context to develop my ideas within an international scientific community of high expertise.