Early-career Members Network (EMN) Committee

The EMN aims to provide a forum for metabolomics researchers at the start of their professional career and serve the early-career members of the Metabolomics Society. Aspirations include, but are not limited to: strengthen communication and collaboration, encourage opportunities and invention, support developmental learning and enjoy professional growth.


Natasa Giallourou
Imperial College London (UK)
Elena Legrand
McGill University (Canada)
Katharina Herzog
Lund University (Sweden)
Fatema Bhinderwala University of Nebraska Lincoln (USA)
Corey Giles Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute (Australia)
Patrick Trainor University of Louisville (USA)
Marine Letertre Corsaire metabolomics platform, Biogenouest (France)
Oana Zeleznik Harvard Medical School & Brigham & Women's Hospital (USA)
Caroline Birer University of Pittsburgh (USA)
Jennifer Matthews University of Technology Sydney (Australia)
Alexandra George University of Western Australia (Australia)
Msizi Mhlongo University of Johannesburg (South Africa)
Isabel Orf
Past Chair
Owlstone Medical Ltd (UK)