Precision Medicine and Pharmacometabolomics Task Group

The Precision Medicine and Pharmacometabolomics Task Group seeks to catalyze the engagement of our metabolomics community in global initiatives in precision medicine. We will create communication channels to facilitate the incorporation of metabolomics data as a compliment to genomics data in informing about disease heterogeneity and treatment outcomes. We seek to facilitate advancements in the field of Pharmacometabolomics and as enabling tool for Precision Medicine.

Duke (USA)
University of Birmingham (UK)
Sovaris Aerospace, LLC (USA)
Weill Cornell Medical College (USA)
Max Delbrück Center/Berlin Institute of Health (Germany)
University of Barcelona (Spain)
University College Dublin (Ireland)
University of Alberta (Canada)
University of Turku (Finland)
 Leiden University (Netherlands)
University of Kentucky (USA)
Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar)
Helmholtz Center Munich (Germany)
National Cancer Institute (USA)
US Food & Drug Administration (USA)
Sigma-Aldrich, Member of Merck Group (Switzerland)
University of Helsinki (Finland)
Edith Cowan University (Australia)
University of Barcelona (Spain)
University of North Carolina (USA)
University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
University of California, Davis (USA)