Industry Engagement Task Group

The IETG strives to connect corporations that market to the metabolomics community to the membership and activities of the Metabolomics Society. In addition, members of the Society who are employed in corporate settings are encouraged to interact on their concerns and interests through the IETG. Since IETG values the importance of communication, we have recently developed a newsletter full of recent information and events. Please review the newsletters by clicking the link for each issue.

IETG January 2017 Issue
IETG August 2015 Issue

IETG January 2016 Issue
IETG February 2016 Issue
IETG June 2016 Issue

Nichole Reisdorph
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus (USA)
Craig Wheelock Karolinska Institute (Sweden)
Christophe Junot CEA (France)